December Desktop

Here's hoping you all find a bit of magic this winter...

(revised to show the *correct* December calendar. Whoops!)

October Desktop: Acceptance Edition

Ok, sure, this one's a bit of a cheat. But I am no longer in denial that fall is here. In fact, I welcome it. Bring on the leaves!

April Desktop Wallpaper

Oookay, so it hasn't actually rained in April yet, but I just bought new rain boots and a new rain jacket so I am READY. Bring it, April.


Deep in the throes of another deep freeze, I'm hanging on to whatever warmth I can get...


A little something for you to celebrate the end of January and the (temporary?) lifting of the polar vortex. Enjoy!

Old things become new me.

I live across the street from one of my favourite stores in the city, a little jam-packed antique store called Gadabout. I've lost hours in that tiny two-storey treasure trove, rummaging through vintage photographs, tin toys, buttons, maps, badges, curios, jars, well, you get the point.  It's a bit of a happy place. But I've never bought anything for myself from that store.

Until last week.

And I'm not normally a collector of tchotchkes at all - I definitely prefer the uncluttered, the easy-to-dust - but I just fell. in. love. with these....things. Part of it was design (the type! The illustration!) and part of it was history (do these places still exist?) but it was all delight when I unpacked these little things at home.

I'm going to do a bit of research and report back soon. Context is all, yes?