I've been living with the phrase "Toronto's my home and I'll be here all weekend long" swirling around my head for years now. I even named a series of architectural buildings prints using it (though it is sadly impractical and may have to be retired). It's from Matthew Barber's song "Dust On My Collar" and, in it, he repeats the line three times, singing with such joy and determination. I've always felt it was a bit of an athem: No, I don't live in the city and escape to the country on weekends. No, I choose to go out and explore and wander and get lost in amongst my city's buildings and neighbourhoods. I want to live here, and I want to live here, warts (and stuck streetcars, and raccoons, and traffic) and all.

Speaking of those architectural prints, if you happen to live here in Toronto, you can now buy them at Telegramme Prints! Telegramme has long been one of my favourite print shops here in the city, so I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that they've joined the Telegramme family. 

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