My one year anniversary...of work!

The closing performance of the last show I stage managed was exactly one year ago.  Which means that I have been working for myself for...exactly one year. (Okay this is not *exactly* true: there was a two-week coaching gig I had at the National Theatre School and there was a small week-long workshop sometime last fall but...this is much more poetic, right?).

So I tallied up all of the projects I had completed in the past 365 days and made this simple, colourful chart.  I was surprised to see that I've done more Print Ads than anything. This chart is funny to me, though - while the Print Ad blocks look like a big chunk of work, each ad took very little time to do. Something like Visual Identity (the last block) would have taken hours and hours, but since I've only done one of them it gets only one little square of space. It would be fun - and a whole heck of a lot more math - to redo this chart with estimated hours spent on each project. Oh gosh, I *am* a nerd.

I've been so grateful for the work this past year. I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that. It's on days like this I feel that maybe, just maybe, I can pull this whole thing off.

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Jenna said...

Congrats ma poulette! I'm very proud of you, for what it's worth.