Butcher Sings Baker

This past week I've had the absolute pleasure of working on this poster illustration and design for Shannon Butcher, a jazz singer who lives here in Toronto. This Hugh's Room show in March will be Shannon's take on the Chet Baker songbook, so I had a lot of fun sketching concepts while listening to Chet's albums and researching 1950s jazz posters. Also, I looked at a *lot* of photographs of trumpets. Can I just say this: foreshortened reflections on a shiny, round surface? Yeah.

Anyway, I'm really happy with the result. (Am I allowed to say that?)  It was fun to mix a kind of  romantic whimsy with hard angles and geometric shapes.

Other things to check out: Shannon's website, the Hugh's Room website, and the link to the Butcher Sings Baker Facebook event. You should go!

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