Holiday Cards for those special people: Mom & Dad

My parents commissioned their Christmas cards again this year, and so I collaged this Georgian Bay-inspired scene for them. An earlier draft had the strings of lights hanging in (what I thought was) a much less logical way on the tent - you would never poke holes in your tent, right? - and Mom was supportive of the change, but remarked "but lights on a tent are illogical anyway, aren't? I mean, where's the power source?" 

Well played, Mom.

These are them all printed! Hooray!

New Initiatives Marketing Identity

Clockwise from top left: Letterhead, 5" x 7" Greeting Card, Business Card Front & Back, Sticker, and Envelope designs.  

Here's a little insight into an identity package that I designed this summer for Jennifer Kelly, Director of Marketing (and owner) of New Initiatives Marketing.  Jennifer already had a strong philosophy and set of values for her company, and in the questionnaire I sent her she eloquently outlined her vision: marketing services for companies that are embarking on new things: bringing a product to market, entering new industries, launching a new service. The difference is that instead of just focusing on the strategy, her company puts the pieces together to bring it to reality in a thorough, detail-oriented, positive, and sophisticated way. I liked her energy right away, and I really wanted her logo and marketing materials to stand out.

And so began the design process. Interestingly enough, the "n" of the logo was the first thing I created, and then the bold, angular pattern behind it came in direct response to the feminine swirl of the "n"; I wanted the delicate loops and the strong angles to play off of each other. We chose these colours to reflect the energy and optimism that Jennifer brings to each and every client. Then I had a lot of fun implementing the pattern across all of her materials including her letterhead and business cards. Then it was over to a good friend and talented web designer, Avery Swartz, to implement this on the web (and it's responsive too!):

Screenshot of New Initiatives Marketing's homepage
It was so great to work with Jennifer and I can't wait to see what's in store for her!