Information is Beautiful Awards

Michele Mauri's winning data visualization in the Infographic/Infodesign category: this infographic visualizes the most-covered songs, by artist and year, from 1958 - 2010. (Hint: green is The Beatles).

Found this today: The Information is Beautiful Awards, "the world's first open contest to celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations, infographics and information art." The winners have just been announced, and you can see them and a larger version of Mauri's winning entry here.

Some of my favourite designs on the site actually came from their regular Challenges - the judges propose a topic and provide the dataset - and award the prize to the person/team who visualizes it the best.  And they're often fun: this past summer they held one called "Diagrams are Forever" and the challenge was to visualize the entire 50 years of James Bond (women, gadgets, get the picture?).

The judges for these most recent awards included Maria Popova (whose carefully curated blogs, I really enjoy), MoMA Senior Curator Paola Antonelli, David McCandless (one of my all-time favourite infographic wizards, author of Information is Beautiful) and, oh, Brian Eno.

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