New series of prints: Toronto Libraries

Beaches Branch
 I'm continuing my love of illustrating Toronto buildings with these new prints of six public library branches here in the city.  I picked some because I live near them (ish), some because they're modern looking, some because they're not.  It wasn't until I started illustrating them that I realized the High Park and the Beaches branch were very nearly copies of each other.  And that the Palmerson Library looks like it's from space.

Most of all, I like that we have these buildings devoted to books.  And I'm happy that enough people in this city like them so much that they'll cause a fuss when certain mayors try to close them.

I'll update here on the blog when and where they'll be on sale!

Bloor Gladstone Branch

High Park Branch

Palmerston Branch

Pape / Danforth Branch

St. Jamestown Branch

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