I worked on this poster for Toronto-based dance artist Shannon Litzenberger's new work.  The piece is an exploration of home, inspired by Litzenberger's Saskatchewan roots.  As she writes on her website:
“My generation has led the mass exodus from rural life over the past two decades. On the prairies, and in other parts of rural Canada, whole houses have been left behind, now decaying monuments that commemorate our pioneering roots. HOMEbody is both an intimate portrait of my childhood prairie home and a tribute to the importance of where we come from.”
In the brainstorming for this image, Shannon shared with me a number of gorgeous photographs of her trips back to Saskatchewan. I was completely inspired by the flatness, open sky, and abandoned homesteads, which led to this photo illustration. Shannon also requested the little gopher (which was drawn in pencil and scanned in separately) in order to add a little curiosity and hope for the future. In the end, the gopher became such a hit that, if you're planning on attending the Cabbagetown Festival this weekend, you just might see him on a tote bag...

You can watch the HOMEbody trailer and buy tickets on Shannon's website.  Performances are September 20 - 23 at the Winchester Street Theatre in Cabbagetown.

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