September Desktop

Yeah, the first of the month isn't until tomorrow. But tomorrow is Saturday. And on Saturday mornings I'll bet you've got stuff to do.  You're busy with the kids, or brunch, or yard sales, or the CNE, or the airshow, or rollerblading (do people still do that?) or bladerolling (that's not a thing) or WHATEVER it is you do on a Saturday of a Long Weekend.

So I thought I'd give this to you now, so while you're tidying up your desk and arranging papers so Tuesday's inglorious return to real life won't seem quite so harsh, you can just take this and pop it on your screen.  That way, when you boot up the ol' PC Mac on Tuesday you can go "ahh" cause it's already done.

Or, more likely, you've already left early cause you don't work from home so the hours don't weirdly blend into one another like one of those melted tri-colour popsicle things. In unrelated news, I've had three iced coffees this afternoon.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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