August Desktop, early!

I'm not going to be around much next week, so thought I'd get this one done early (for a change). Here's wishing you a happy August full of sun and lake swimming and lazy afternoons.

The Sketchbook Project is in Toronto! Too bad that's not where I'll be...

You know how sometimes it seems like events in the universe are conspiring against you?  Well, okay, this isn't one of those times, but it is bad timing nonetheless.

Remember how for the past two years I've been doing the very fun Sketchbook Project (a blank sketchbook arrives by mail, I fill it with pictures and mail it back to its home in Brooklyn and it becomes part of a permanent Art Library at the Art House Co-op?) Well that Library has been on tour for the past few months, and it's finally here in Toronto!  All of the sketchbooks from artists around the world will be at the Gladstone from July 19 - 22 - open to the public, books ready to be browsed and held and admired.  I have been waiting for this day for months!

And....I'll be in Ottawa.  The whole time.

So, please - for my sake - go visit the sketchbooks. Say hi. Enjoy them. Admire them.
And let me know how it goes.


July Dress-up

Shakespeare under the stars

I never showed you this poster I did for the Humber River Shakespeare Company's touring production of Mackers. Sorry about that. I know you were waiting anxiously for this.

Okay, maybe you weren't exactly waiting...

HRSC is a wonderful company of passionate Shakespeareans and - if you live somewheres along the Humber River - they'll be coming your way.  Go see 'em!

Comics and The New Yorker together on TMI

Benjamin Walker's podcast Too Much Information is a thing that I enjoy very much. In the hour-long radio show from WMFU, Walker tells stories, conducts interviews, and generally messes around with truth and fiction. What I didn't know about him was that he is also giant comic book fan. His June 20th episode was all about comic books and comic book illustrators, and even interviewed Francoise Mouly, the impeccably French art editor of The New Yorker (and who - fun fact - is married to Art Spiegelman).

It just so happens that The New Yorker is also a thing that I enjoy very much. The magazine has published many covers drawn by well-known comic book artists - R. Crumb the aforementioned Spiegelman are but two - and Mouly talks about the recently released book Blown Covers, a selection of New Yorker cover illustrations that never made it. She explains why she wanted to publish illustrations that were never supposed to see the light of day:

"...when you see the enormous work that goes into refining ideas - once they are found - and search for ideas, then you realize the phenomenal work that goes into this distilled result. I think the insight into that process of the artist looking for ideas is an insight into the creative process."

It's a good episode, and if you're a comic book fan I'm sure you'd enjoy some of the other interviews Walker has with other comic book legends from the "Comics, Philosophy and Practice" conference.  You can find the episode here.

Toronto's My Home...sneak peek

I'm working new Toronto building illustrations and even though the series is not quite complete I just couldn't resist posting one.  I hope to share the rest soon!