Communication Arts Annual!

More amazing mail today!

It's only May, and it's already been a pretty fun year so far. I'm well into my second month of my self-imposed hiatus from stage management, and I've had the gob-smacking pleasure of seeing one of my posters in both the Applied Arts AND the Communication Arts Illustration Annuals.  I've a good handful - the kind of handful that you almost have to use the other hand to help hold it closed - of projects on the go. I don't mean to sound braggy - I'm just THAT excited.

I can't wait to post more completed pieces of work as they are, uh, completed. (Hey, I'm an illustrator, not a writer).

I also wanted to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has commented here over the years since I started this blog.  Your encouragement and kind words have meant the world to me and given me a lot of confidence. I've said it before and I will probably keep saying it until someone points out that I sound really uncool when I say it: the internet is cool, yo.

Now go draw something!

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Steven said...

Congrats on the poster press, saw that in Applied Arts and loved it. Keep up the great work!