My niece is a pretty awesome kid.  I may be biased, but nevertheless I stand firmly by that statement. Once a month for the whole year of 2012, I'm mailing her some dress-up outfits to help build up a tickle trunk of sorts.  The outfits are just pieces I've found at Value Villages here in the city, and then put together in a sort of ready-to-wear ensemble.

And, because I'm slightly nuts, I've made these illustrated cards to go with each outfit.  My niece is still pretty young, so I know the chances of her actually understanding all of these references are pretty slim, but hopefully her parents (my brother & sister-in-law) get a kick out of them.

Kid Party!

I love making cards and invitations - and I love it even more when the guest of honour is so darn cute.  My good friend and sometime business partner Avery is throwing a party to celebrate the 1st birthday of her lovely baby Clara and she asked if I wouldn't mind designing the invite.  She sent me this hilarious photo of Clara havin' a good time, gave me the party details, and let me figure out the rest.  Fun!

I really like making things for Mi Casa Theatre.  They are an open and extremely creative duo who make great theatre out of Ottawa, Ontario.  They commissioned me recently to design and illustrate their new logo (above) and header for their website (below).  The menu titles were all hand-drawn to keep with their DIY aesthetic.