Happy Holidays

Over the holidays I went to visit family and old friends in Ottawa, and had a really wonderful time. And one afternoon, one of those good, old friends (yes, we're old now) and I took four hours out of our jam-packed holiday schedules to make melted snowman cookies.

Sugar cookie base, royal icing, chocolate chips, microwaved marshmallows, coloured icing noses, faces, arms. Et voila.
Easy as...melted snow? Not quite. Did I mention that it took us four hours?

Mid-stage melted snowmen.

We thought we were really clever to mix the icing for the eyes/arms right in the ziplock bag, but it took us a lot longer than we thought it would. 

But, in the end, we were happy with the results. My brother gave the sugar cookie base an "A +" and my 3-year old niece went nuts for the marshmallow head.  Actually, that's all she ate off of the cookie. Ah, well.

This is some serious face application.

Happy Holidays!


Jayne said...

I can vouch indeed that the cookies were great - and a lot of fun!

Kinnon said...

Ha, ha, thanks Mom!