Hungry Hungry Header!

I am so excited to share this blog header that I just finished designing and illustrating for my friend Hilary.  Her blog, Hungry Hungry Hilly, is a really enjoyable collection of new recipes she's tried at home (and most often tweaked - Hilary has been a low-G.I. devotee for a few years now) and restaurants she's tried here in Toronto or on vacation (check out her New York and St. John's, Newfoundland posts). For the header, Hilary wanted it to reflect the fact that she is no self-appointed "amateur gourmet" or food snob, but simply a big fan of cooking and eating FOOD. And also that she has a quirky one-eyed cat named Mr. Leo.

For the caricature, I traced a pencil sketch that I did of Hilary and Mr. Leo with a thin, black marker.  I scanned the drawing into Photoshop to clean it and adjusted the contrast so that it would trace much more easily into Illustrator (make those whites whiter and blacks blacker!) Using the Live Trace function, I converted the jpeg into a vector drawing, and I decided to keep the sketchiness quality of the drawing by pushing up the threshold quite high (this meant, though, that I had a lot of cleaning up of jagged edges once the trace was done).  I coloured the drawing in Illustrator, and added the scanned decorative paper in the background. The font is Ostrich Sans.

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Jenna said...

So cute!!

Reminds me that I owe you something...still.