Comedy of Errors

This was another fun poster project I worked on this Spring, for a great Shakespeare touring company called the Humber River Shakespeare Co. They bring a Shakespeare play to the parks and outdoor spaces along the Humber River each summer, and are amassing quite a following! The Artistic Director of the company wanted a poster that evoked the carnival side/freak shows of the early 20th century, and we had a lot of fun looking through old photographs of that era.

The illustration is a collage of a number of images that appear within the play, Comedy of Errors - ships, chains, gold, sorcery, time - all in the backdrop of the reflection, or "mirror" of two long-lost twins meeting again under fantastic circumstances. I sketched the illustration by hand, and then scanned it and traced it into Illustrator, where I added the colour and shading.

If you're near one of the many, many locations that the Humber River Shakespeare Co. will visit this summer, you should check out The Comedy of Errors - it's under the stars, and it should be magical!

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