Oops I did it again

I signed up for The Sketchbook Project 2012. Yes, yes I did. Last year's sketchbook was a steep learning curve for me--I don't think I filled every single last page--but this year I'm determined. And for some extra motivation, I've learned that the tour is actually coming to TORONTO this year. (I've also heard that the quality of the sketchbooks has improved, which is great because I had a lot of issues with designs bleeding through to the next page in my last sketchbook.)

If anyone else out there is doing a Sketchbook, let me know so I can visit your book when the tour comes to my town!


Just this morning I discovered this artist duo Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi, who create fabulous things under the name Sonnenzimmer in the Chicago area. Their posters are a nice antidote to cute whimsy, favouring instead blocks of colour and line that evoke landscapes and dreams. It looks like they do a lot of work for musicians (posters, album art, etc.) but also have a pretty solid catalogue of fine art. Chicago is lucky.

Illustration Friday: Bicycle

It's Earth Day, and it's so nearly-but-not-quite spring that one can taste it. Your bike is getting antsy.

Illustration Friday: Journey

The cookie collaboration

Grabbing a cup of coffee and scrolling through the design/style/ inspiration/illustration blogs in my Google Reader has got to be one of my gosh-darn most favouritest things these days, especially since my theatre work has wrapped up for the spring and I'm off now until August. This project really tickled my fancy this morning: twenty internationally renowned designers were each given a fortune cookie and were tasked to create a typographical poster based on/inspired by the fortune within. Type! Posters! Cookies! And what is it called? Posters of Fortune, of course. It's an initiative by The Type Directors Club and proceeds from each poster will go to a scholarship fund for promising typography students. You can see more of the posters here. Enjoy!

April First

A little 1024 x 768 dose of April cheer for yer desktops.
Happy April!