Illustrated Itinerary

When I probably should have been researching places to eat in San Sebastian, I spent my morning making this. It made me happy.

Oh, that's where it is!

I'm three days away from leaving for a 3 1/2 week trip through Spain and a couple of cities in Portugal, and I've been having some frustrating planning snafus with schedule changes and websites not working properly. So, when I was looking for the exact location of the Bus Station in Bilbao, Spain, I just had to smile when I came across this very informative map:

So, thank you, Bilbao Turismo. (and I also kind of dig the retro website, in all its salmon-pink glory).

New Business Cards!

I'm leaving for a 3 - 1/2 week trip to Spain and Portugal soon, and I thought it would be nice to have some cards or something to hand out to people I might meet during my trip, and they evolved into little illustrated business cards. I printed and assembled them here at home, and I'm very happy with how they turned out. A little too happy, in fact: when my roommate and I hosted an intimate little Christmas party at our house last night, I had a few martinis and forced everyone to take a card as they were leaving. Sorry, guys...
(Quick fact: those are drawings of actual pieces of furniture that I own!)

Back at work, uh, other work

Today I start the first day of almost two and a half weeks of some stage management of workshops, readings, and short performances, so my drawing and posting about drawing is going to be pretty scarce. The holidays are always a busy time - but now I actually have to leave my house and go somewhere else to do work (!) - so forgive me. See you soon!