You're the art director now.

Over the weekend I read this piece in the Globe and Mail titled "Does Our Obsession with Happiness Bring us Closer To It?" and took that as the jumping-off point for this project. In it, the author talks about the "happiness industry" - experts and celebrities telling us how to live our happiest, most fulfilled life - and the hours of work that we're expected to put into "finding" our happiness. And, that if we don't achieve it, we only have ourselves to blame.

In an early sketch, I had the woman above holding magazines and books that are mentioned in the article, and a small bluebird of happiness off to one side looking bewildered. Then I made the leap to the unobtainable bluebird balloons you see here.

What do you think? You be the art director and let me know: does this communicate the theme? Is it clear?

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