In Progress - Where do Ideas Come From?

Wow, okay, first off let me just say thanks for the amazing comments. I haven't had a chance to look at all of the links yet, but I plan to. Thanks for all of your great insights and suggestions.

I liked the concept of puzzle pieces that didn't fit - but I was having a bit of difficulty working that into the concept of a "finished" or "complete" invention without it looking like the invention was flawed. So I tried mismatched, and made them look like they didn't fit as perfectly. Gaps, and holes, and such. Thoughts?

I felt I also needed to make the connection to the printing press / grape press / Gutenberg bible to really drive this idea home. Hence the way more detailed image. Too much? Too much pattern and detail?

(And to answer Stephanie's question: it's all a digital collage. I have scanned a whack of pretty papers and I colour them in Photoshop and "cut out" shapes ad nauseum. )

After reading all of your comments, I think I might be inspired to try a new image about this idea of what a "connective environment" means in the present day. I mean, Gutenberg is awesome and all...but that clothing? It's so passe.

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