And here's where I landed with this one. Thoughts? Does it communicate the theme to you? I'd love to hear what you think!


Stefanie Hess said...

Hey, this is really nice! I like the colour sceme and the composition!
When I think about (digital) social networks and communication I sometimes get super excited about all the possibilities (like commenting on your illo across the Big Pond) and sometimes worried that real life connections and real friends fade into the background. A world I wouldn't really want to live in.
Perhaps these people could be another background in your image instead of these text panels (though I think it absolutely works like this too). The guy holds his hands up like he prays to his social community and would believe everything they say while the things around him literally drop into the background.
Interesting theme!

Anonymous said...

Kinnon, this is lovely!

Kinnon said...

Great comment, Stefanie. I, too, worry sometimes about our online "community" versus the community right outside our front doors. Sure, we can find people with similar interests much faster and more efficiently through the internet, but you also tend to seek out people who think the same way you already do. And face-to-face human contact is messy, emotional, and extremely important.
I'm excited that this illustration sparked this conversation (hah, bad pun) and I am liking your idea of the background of people. I am going to let it rattle around in my head for the next few days!
Thanks again!

Stefanie Hess said...

"And face-to-face human contact is messy, emotional, and extremely important." Yes, you are so right in this, altough we might not like the messiness at the moment! Also, I agree that we often look only for people on the internet that share our interests. But isn't it problems that bring us further?
By the way, I really enjoy following your blog! I wonder whether you do the collages by hand or digital? (If analogue, you must have a great paper collection :))