You really should know Kirstie Edmunds

Kirstie Edmunds is a children's book illustrator based in London, UK. She was actually one of the first people I started following after seeing her posts on Illustration Friday. I absolutely love her style and the way she draws animals and kids, and so I was doubly excited to learn from her that she is essentially self-taught! She has a background in graphic design (was once an art director for Nokia) but always dreamed about illustrating children's books, and so is now ecstatic to say that she has TWO books on the horizon - one of which is called So You Wanna Be a Rock Star (how cool is that?)

Kirstie said to me in an email that she has "been drawing and illustrating since very young. I work from my home studio, and you can often find me on the balcony sketching and drinking tea (providing it's a nice day of course!)." Sounds like heaven to me!

You can find loads more of her sweet and fun images at her website here, or on her blog Pencil Pocket. Thanks to Kirstie for letting me share her wonderful illustrations!

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Heather said...

Great little piece on Kirstie. I love her style....and it was fun to learn she is basically self taught - very cool -
Good luck with your blog!