Escape from Illustration Island

I'm not cheating - I know I've posted this one before! But I recently saw on Twitter that one of my favourite resources, Escape from Illustration Island, was looking for submissions for Share Your Illustration 3, and I thought I would dust off this illustration. EFII is a truly fantastic website for emerging illustrators, and I can't recommend it enough. The site's founder, Thomas James, posts all kinds of helpful things like "7 Elements of an Effective Portfolio Website" and "Promotion 101". And on top of being a freelance illustrator, Thomas ALSO (where does he find the time) hosts a podcast where he interviews other illustrators, art directors, and agents, and talks about what it was like for them when they were starting out, what do art directors look for in freelance illustrators, etc. It's great, period.

I decided also to make a few changes to the original image, namely, by taking away the text and adding in the upper part of the highway, which I think is a bit more effective.

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