Illustration Friday: Trail

This week's answer to Illustration Friday. I haven't gone hiking in years, but I was a devoted member of my Grade 10 Outdoor Education class, and not only because we got credit for missing class to build an outdoor shelter, or, say, hike up Mount Washington. I can probably still make a mean tin-can stove.

The image of the hiker was drawn in pencil, then scanned and live traced into Illustrator. I'm still playing with the Live Trace function, but I sort of like the quality of line it creates.



yes very cool effect. nice drawing and color combination! ♥

Tony LaRocca said...

Cool job, I like your color & shape style.

Joanna Soohee Han said...

I love the colors and composition for this 'u'.
You had an outdoor education class? I am seething with jealousy right now haha.