Class Project: Santa Postcard

Here's some homework for this Thursday's Children's Book Illustration course and the project was to make a postcard for an event like Christmas, Easter, Hallowe'en, or a Birthday. We had to use a technique that we had learned in class, and I chose to try that Gouache and Ink Resist technique that I tried on the ghettoblaster a few posts ago.

Except this time, when I washed off the dried black ink, I DIDN'T RUB. I just let the pressure of the tap water peel and wash away the ink. And that worked oh-so-much better.
In fact, I chose to rub away some of the gouache (like on the toy bag the elf is carrying) to create highlights, which I quite enjoy.

So, even though the Santa looks a bit on the snarky side, I think this a technique that I'll have fun playing around with.

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Avery said...

It looks old-timey. I like it.