Illustrate Your Workspace

This cut-paper illustration was a response to Uppercase Magazine's call for submissions from subscribers (which I am, thanks to a wonderful birthday present) to illustrate their workspaces. Maybe this is slightly cheating, since it's really an imagining or a dreaming of an ideal workspace, as opposed to illustrating the one I currently have. See photo below to see what I mean.

Sigh. Someday, right?


Avery said...

nice work! but i'm puzzled- you dream of a double-sink in your workspace?

Kinnon said...

I dream of a paint sink - so I don't have to wash out silkscreen screens in the bathtub. (Jenny dreams of that one too, I'm sure...)

Avery said...

Marc Johns works at his dining table. And he's super rad. Like you. Maybe working at the dining table isn't such a bad idea after all.