Colour Project: RAINBOW

Ok I'm being slightly facetious with that blog post title, but so far in my Colour class, we've painted....the colour wheel. It's been a little underwhelming, to be honest.
But soldier on I must, and fingers are crossed that after this project things will get a little more interesting.

This project had to use all twelve tones of the colour wheel on any image we chose to draw. Something about rainbow / madhouse colours bring to mind circus performers and men in old-timey bathing costumes. Maybe I have a problem?

Here's an image of the project with only the reds and yellows done:

And here's the finished image. I think I'm supposed to outline all of the shapes in black, but I don't wanna.

Gouache Monster

I wanted to try that gouache technique again and this guy came out. Interesting...

Illustration Friday: Slither

Trying out a new technique today as I'm always stumped on what to do with backgrounds. This effect was achieved by spray-fixing the pencil crayon image of the snake, coating it in a layer of dark green gouache, and then lifting the dried gouache paint off with wet paper towels. It does give this great, organic texture, but I found that it obliterated a lot of the detail I had originally put in the snake. I'll have to keep playing around with that.

But tres slithery, non?

Update: Here's the same image, but I added some ink shadows around the snake to try to push it off the background. (And not taken through photoshop, like the first image).

For Hil and Tristan's Anniversary

For two good friends on their third anniversary (a few days late).
For the record, this doesn't mean that I think Tristan sits around and eats chips all day. Happy Anniversary, guys!

When It Comes It Will Come Quickly

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 16"

Today in Illustrator Class...

I made this:
It's ridiculous and very cheesy, but this is my first foray into drawing 3-D objects in Illustrator. Oh, what fun! And my new favourite tool, you ask? The Mesh tool! Hooray! (That's what I used to make the bite out of the apple that unfortunately looks like the mask from Scream).
Oh, man this class is fun, and oh man am I ever a nerd.

Illustration Friday: Early

This Illustration Friday post was inspired by a few early mornings at my family's cottage, when I would go down to the dock just as the sun was burning off the last of the previous night's mist. Makes me want to go to there. Right now.

No City Fun Posters

Another gig, another poster! This is becoming a fun, monthly exercise, creating a new poster for my band, No City Fun, as we do our once-a-month gigs at Bread & Circus in Kensington Market.

I am so inspired by great band poster artists, and I really like how a band poster can be almost purely evocative, low on text, high on image, and as literal (or not) as you wish. Everyone knows at least one person who has a band poster framed and hung as art in their house - because in many cases that's exactly what they are.

Anyway, I love designing them, and here's the newest one for our next gig, on June 6.

Illustrate Your Workspace

This cut-paper illustration was a response to Uppercase Magazine's call for submissions from subscribers (which I am, thanks to a wonderful birthday present) to illustrate their workspaces. Maybe this is slightly cheating, since it's really an imagining or a dreaming of an ideal workspace, as opposed to illustrating the one I currently have. See photo below to see what I mean.

Sigh. Someday, right?

Illustration Friday: Cocoon

I was a little late in finishing this one to submit for Illustration Friday, but I thought I would post it here anyway. A little Sunday morning pick-me-up illo for you all.