More, Ink.

Two more in the same manner, but in sepia ink this time.

Ink on bristol paper
9" x 12"

Sketches from a Small Town

I think I've gushed about ink before, but I really just don't get tired of it. It has such intensity of colour, and its watery properties make it so carefree and open to to the slightest flick of the hand. I love how it can be thinned and applied like a watercolour, and I especially love how it drips, leaks, and soaks in back on itself.

Here are some sketches done quickly with new blue ink, some imagined homes of a strange mountain town, where houses perch on hillsides, and the Inventor's house has a pipe far underground for some unknown purpose....

Theatre Safety - Fall Protection

A friend and co-worker in theatre teaches a few safety and theatre rigging courses at a university here, and he decided to publish his own manual about fall protection safety in theatre. There are a lot of manuals and resources for preventing falls in construction jobs, but nothing really geared specifically toward the entertainment industry. In my day job as a stage manager for live theatre, I am certainly aware of the things that lighting and sound technicians get up to, but doing the illustrations for this manual was a real eye-opener!

I did 15 black-and-white pen & ink illustrations for the manual, which he is self-publishing. The topics ranged from safety harnesses, to scaffolding, to proper handrails! It was a challenging, fun, and pretty rewarding process.

Thanks to Matt Farrell, from To The Matt Solutions Inc. for letting me post some of the pages.

Illustration Friday: Confined

I haven't done an Illustration Friday post in a little while - it's nice to be back! Even though I'm a public transit devotee, I have to admit that I have never felt as confined (squished, trodden, and personal-space-violated) as I have that one day on the streetcar...

This was also a nice reintroduction to my favourite pen and ink, and I hope over the next few days I'll find some time to digitally colour it. Ink! So simple, so much fun, so all over my I've missed you.

Update: here's the illo now coloured in Photoshop:

Sketchbook Scans

With every New Year comes a chance to reflect back over the past year's activities and accomplishments. I pored through my sketchbook from last year and found some drawings that I'm happy that I did. So, I scanned 'em. They also make a little nostalgic for warm weather, when I could sit outside and sketch buildings...

Here's to a New Year, a little more free time, and looking forward to more art classes this summer.