Here the ashes lie undisturbed

Watercolour on paper
8 1/2" x 13"

It conjures up thoughts for me of what stays constant in a changing landscape, and how we can be so attached to a physical location that we literally cannot leave it. And there's something slightly sinister about the text that I find really attractive.

Digging through the archives

I found this in my files this morning and thought I would post - I did it earlier in the fall, around the time when articles were appearing in various media about parents' anxiety surrounding H1N1 in the schools. This is also an experiment in colour for me, an experiment in trying to stay within a certain palette. Editorial illustration is really what got me interested in illustration in the first place - I need to do more of it!

Logos - the No-gos

I'm in the middle of a logo / company branding project and did a lot of preliminary designs - a really fun process in my mind - trying to capture the brand of a coaching service for parents and communities with special needs children of all ages. I'm posting some of the ones we didn't go with, and I'm working on a final design right now (hopefully done over the weekend!)

I actually found it easier to "sketch" ideas directly into illustrator and run with them there, rather than do a whack of preliminary drawings in a paper sketchbook. Now all that's left is to put the finished logo onto a business card, letterhead, envelope, a flyer.... oh geez I'd better get working.