Foundation Design: Final Project

Our final project for Foundation Design was to design a shopping bag. We had previously drawn slips of paper with a type of store (Deli, Hat Shop, etc.) and I drew Perfume Store - which, at first, I wasn't all that crazy about. I have only ever owned one bottle of perfume in my life, and it was a free gift from the one and ONLY time I have ever answered a telephone survey. I'm classy like that.

But the more internet research I did about perfume, the more I got the aesthetic; for example, Kenzo is doing some pretty amazing things with their perfume packaging right now.

The name "Yozakura" means "cherry blossom lit by moonlight" in Japanese and it seemed a perfect fit. To be honest, I had already picked the colour scheme long before I thought of the name of the company (hey, when you design everything from the ground up, I think you get to do it in any order you please!) Designing the company logo was a lot of fun.

Yes, it's a wholly impractical bag in a production sense - 3-D flowers would probably make any bag manufacturer unceremoniously show me the door - but I liked the idea of the bag continuing its life as a keepsake, a treasure in its own right.

The only thing you can't see in these photographs is that the black surface of the bag is quite shiny, and there are large hand-drawn flowers that echo the shape of the paper ones and are sort of "embossed" in a random pattern all over the bag.

So I hand the bag in on Friday, and I believe the whole class is weighing in on the mark. Wish me luck!

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