Moonlight Sail

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 16"

Still exploring the idea of a journey on water, light & shadow, creating a mood. Really trying to hone those painting skills - a painstaking, crazy-making task.

Foundation Design: Final Project

Our final project for Foundation Design was to design a shopping bag. We had previously drawn slips of paper with a type of store (Deli, Hat Shop, etc.) and I drew Perfume Store - which, at first, I wasn't all that crazy about. I have only ever owned one bottle of perfume in my life, and it was a free gift from the one and ONLY time I have ever answered a telephone survey. I'm classy like that.

But the more internet research I did about perfume, the more I got the aesthetic; for example, Kenzo is doing some pretty amazing things with their perfume packaging right now.

The name "Yozakura" means "cherry blossom lit by moonlight" in Japanese and it seemed a perfect fit. To be honest, I had already picked the colour scheme long before I thought of the name of the company (hey, when you design everything from the ground up, I think you get to do it in any order you please!) Designing the company logo was a lot of fun.

Yes, it's a wholly impractical bag in a production sense - 3-D flowers would probably make any bag manufacturer unceremoniously show me the door - but I liked the idea of the bag continuing its life as a keepsake, a treasure in its own right.

The only thing you can't see in these photographs is that the black surface of the bag is quite shiny, and there are large hand-drawn flowers that echo the shape of the paper ones and are sort of "embossed" in a random pattern all over the bag.

So I hand the bag in on Friday, and I believe the whole class is weighing in on the mark. Wish me luck!

Portrait Sitting - Girl

It was our last Foundation Drawing I class on Thursday and while our teacher was giving us our final marks one by one, he had this poor girl sitting for the entire three hour class. People would get their marks and just pack up and leave, so by the time class was nearly done, there were only three of us left. I felt so badly for her! But I did get a pretty great sketch out of it. So there.

The Release

Classes are coming to an end; it's hard to believe I only have one more week left. In Illustration class, we were allowed to do "whatever we wanted," so this came out of thinking about boats and the stories that go with them. I am pretty happy with this image and may try to take it over to watercolour at some point.