Flying Mansion

Playing with new sepia-toned ink!

The Stormwatcher

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 16"

Fundraising sketches

I learned me a valuable lesson this week in client/illustrator communication. I did seven sketches of characters for a theatre company's fundraiser and put in about two days of work from conceptualizing to finished sketch (just pencil, not inked or anything), only to have the "this is great, but I was actually thinking...." response. Humbled, I mourned the loss of two good days of work, but then got back into it and pushed past the original inspiration, drawing up three versions of *one* character. Which is what I should have done in the first place. It was a valuable, and very inspiring lesson! Here are the original designs, which I still like (but am also happy with the new sketches). I'll post the three other versions in a later post.

The Sweat poster

What is The Sweat? As bands go, it's a little difficult to explain. But I was happy to capture all of their epic, sweaty rock in this poster for my design class.

Self Portrait

I'm sure there's something meta-navel-gazing (can that exist?) about posting a personal self-portrait on a personal blog, but in my defense this was a project for up it goes. Can I tell you how freaky it is to recognize yourself in pencil? Try it sometime.

Rowboat Adventure

Personal piece
Gouache on paper

Fashion Illustration take 2

After looking at the red dress illustration for a few days, I thought that I hadn't quite captured the look that I loved so much about David Downton illustrations. Hence the blue dress - it's my second attempt.

Fashion Illustration

It's been a really busy few days and I haven't been able to post anything in over a week or even attempt to do a sketch for Illustration Friday, which secretly is alright with me because the last two topics have been really hard! Nevertheless I hope to get back on that train, plus I have a few more ideas for Creepy Robot Love that have been kicking around inside my head that I would love to see on paper.

In the classroom front, the pace of homework assignments have accelerated and it's forcing me speed up the whole concept to finished work process. It's hard, but good.
Here's an assignment from my Illustration class for a fashion illustration.
It was one of the more frustrating sketch processes I've gone through in a little while, but ultimately I'm happy with the result. Even if I she does look a bit like Jessica Alba.

Illustration Friday: Worn

She wasn't surprised to see that the heart she wore on her sleeve was getting pretty worn.
Gouache and graphite.