Name that Illustrator

Here's a quick and slightly unfinished sketch I did in last night's Illustration class - don't worry, this isn't my instructor. It's an Albrecht Durer that we were shown as an introduction into observing the human head, and it was by far the best 20 minutes of the entire three hour class last night.  Our lessons plans have been a bit...eccentric...of late (really? Orthogonal drawing?), but one of last week's homework assignments turned out to be surprisingly revealing.  We were asked to gather images from any professional illustrators we found inspiring, and as I pored through a few Illustrators' Annuals, New Yorker Magazines, and even a book of Rolling Stone Magazine Portraits, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was seeing and responding to the same Illustrators over and over again.  Some of these, like Riccardo Vecchio, were in fact in all three publications and I had bookmarked each one of his illustrations without even knowing who had made it.  It strikes me as, not sad exactly, but almost irresponsible that in some cases this was the first time I was actually looking at the artist's name squirreled away in the magazine gutter, especially to think that I would kill to have my own name there - even if only in 4 point font.
Anyway, here's a short list of the Illustrators that I have, apparently, been loving for some time - click on their name to see an example of their work:

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