Creepy Robot Loves To Go Camping!

Creepy Robot thinks his ghost story is going really well - the other camper robots are really frightened!

Poor Creepy Robot.

A different take on drifting

I'm really drawn to the idea of a "journey" lately and this image is no exception.
Apologies to J for not choosing her colouring suggestions!

Pen & ink, coloured in photoshop.

Illustration Friday: Drifting

Now that it's summer, it's easy to drift away...

This was one of my first attempts at using gouache.

Beck (after Riccardo Vecchio)

This is my pen & ink version of a beautiful oil painting of Beck done by Riccardo Vecchio - in my heart of hearts, although I absolutely adore Creepy Robot Love, I want to draw more like this.

And ps. This was done with the chopstick!

Twiggy from memory

This week's Illustration class had us looking at an illustration of the model Twiggy for 15 minutes and then we had to draw her from memory! Pretty hard stuff, but pretty fascinating too. Yeah, I'll admit it doesn't look exactly like her, but I'm happy with the results nonetheless. Today my instructor said that he wanted me to work on my expressiveness and then gave me a chopstick. True story.

Angry Woman gets Inked

This is exactly the same woman as before, now rendered in pen & ink. Seventeen thousand little tiny marks of pen and ink. (Not that I was counting). I think it might be time to move on to another person's face!

I'm also considering a new project called "I draw what I eat" which would be a series of loving pen & ink renderings of meals that I'm about to eat. Either a brilliant way to gain a whole new artistic appreciation of food, or the worst diet plan ever conceived.

Pen and Ink Texture Thumbnails

This was an exercise for Illustration class - practice rendering textures in wood, water, and stone using only pen and ink. I think my favourite is actually the first in the water series, because it reminds me of wet cobblestones.

Illustration Friday: Unfold

Got a bit stumped this week. This was a hard topic! Creepy robot love to the rescue...

Foundation Design: Logo

Logo design for a Metropolitan Zoo

This is my cubist giraffe. As is what usually happens, I'm sure, this was originally my least favourite and most hastily sketched of three thumbnail roughs we had to show our instructor last Friday, and of course it was the one that interested her the most. I had a hard time simplifying it (logos should be clean and simple, easily reproduced) without losing the freehanded-ness of the giraffe. So although I really like it now, I don't know how successful it is as a brand or a trademark. But it says to me (as much as zoos can): modern, metropolitan, ehrm....Paris.....?

Red Boats

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 16"

An Angry Woman

This was another assignment for my Illustration class; we were to do a portrait. This lady I found on Google Images and thought her expression would be an interesting challenge. Here's the original photograph:

So it's pretty clear the proportions aren't right. What's interesting to me is that my drawing now looks much more masculine. The woman in the photograph is obviously a woman, and although she is not wearing obvious makeup or sporting a particularly "feminine" expression--some people may think otherwise, ha--she is unmistakably female. My drawing on its own looks like a drawing of a woman, but now that I'm comparing the two I can't help thinking that it's possibly a man in drag--Michael Palin?--and all because the face is slightly elongated (see the relative distances between the nose and the mouth, for example). I think it's pretty interesting how slight proportion changes can change a gender!

Creepy Robot Love: Bowling

I wanted to mix my current love of this little robot guy with a recent craving to go bowling. See you at the Danforth Bowl!

Name that Illustrator

Here's a quick and slightly unfinished sketch I did in last night's Illustration class - don't worry, this isn't my instructor. It's an Albrecht Durer that we were shown as an introduction into observing the human head, and it was by far the best 20 minutes of the entire three hour class last night.  Our lessons plans have been a bit...eccentric...of late (really? Orthogonal drawing?), but one of last week's homework assignments turned out to be surprisingly revealing.  We were asked to gather images from any professional illustrators we found inspiring, and as I pored through a few Illustrators' Annuals, New Yorker Magazines, and even a book of Rolling Stone Magazine Portraits, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was seeing and responding to the same Illustrators over and over again.  Some of these, like Riccardo Vecchio, were in fact in all three publications and I had bookmarked each one of his illustrations without even knowing who had made it.  It strikes me as, not sad exactly, but almost irresponsible that in some cases this was the first time I was actually looking at the artist's name squirreled away in the magazine gutter, especially to think that I would kill to have my own name there - even if only in 4 point font.
Anyway, here's a short list of the Illustrators that I have, apparently, been loving for some time - click on their name to see an example of their work: